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Apache County

July 1978 - Two sightings of Bigfoot reported, GCBRO

January 1979-1982 (Class B) - During his youth, this First Generation American heard several unusual sounds, on two different occasions, BFRO

July 1979 - Two motorists witness Bigfoot crossing road, GCBRO

November 1981 (Class A) - Morning sighting in the Lukachukai Mountains of northeast Arizona, BFRO

July about 1986 (Class B) - Possible night time sighting near Big Lake, BFRO

August 1989 (Class B) - Possible vocalization heard in the Chuska Mountains, NE Arizona, BFRO

September 1998 - Dog alerts owner to a Bigfoot's presence, GCBRO 

June 2001 (Class A) - Bigfoot crosses road in front of vehicle traveling on Navajo Route 7 near Canyon De Chelley National Monument, BFRO

September 2003 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations near Sawmill,AZ, BFRO

October 2006 (Class A) - Afternoon road-crossing sighting by motorist on RT 61 near Concho, BFRO

February 2007 (Class A) - Late afternoon road crossing sighting by motorist west of Springerville, BFRO

July 2009 (Class B) - Several early morning vocalizations heard at Wheatfields Lake, BFRO

June 2013 (Class B) - Early morning fisherman hears possible howl near Hawley Lake, BFRO

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