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Bigfoot Theories

With all of the wild theories that are out there about Bigfoot, it is almost impossible to know what is real and what is fantasy. Theories that range from demons to aliens and they run just about everywhere in between. They have been reported from being shy and illusive to being aggressive and attacking. All of these theories really only distract from what the actual evidence shows. We are going to put to you what we have found in the evidence we have researched to this point. As we dig deeper into the evidence we will update this page so you can keep up to date on our findings. To see what we have found in our research please visit the research page and enjoy.


First, Here are pictures of both Gigantopithecus and possible Bigfoots. Compare them for yourself but there are a lot of features that are similar. Taking those into account it is not impossible that Bigfoot is a relative of Gigantopithecus. Having said that, with all of the different types of this creature reported around the world it is not impossible that a relative managed to survive and in all of the different climates around the world evolved differently to adapt to those climates. In the USA there are reports of many different types of Bigfoot. Form Bigfoot to the Skunk Ape to the Fouke Monster and there are even more than that. Would it be so difficult to believe the different branches of the Bigfoot tree evolved differently to fit into there environment. It would explain the difference in the vocalizations from around the country. Humans have evolved to be able to adapt to there surroundings so why would it be so hard to believe that Bigfoot could do the same thing. Look at all of the differences in people and other animals around the world and it then doesn't look so hard to believe.


You can look at these samples of the footprint variations and see that the possibility of Bigfoot having evolved to match there environment is a very real possibility. As far as the reports being so heavy in some areas and not others. That could be very simple. Human population density. Except the pacific northwest were there are a lot of vacation activites that go on. The more people living in a given area the more likely it is that at some point some one will see what they think is a bigfoot. Bigfoot is reported to be very illusive. Remeber they are in there natural habitat and we are the outsiders. There senses have most likely developed to be MUCH more accute then ours which would be obvious living in the environment they live in. Any hunter that goes deer hunting knows that a deer has senses that can detect them before the hunter sees the deer unless they take certain precautions. It is an easy thing to think then that a bigfoot has most likely developed there senses much the same and they could even be more accute given how illusive they are. If it were easy to find a bigfoot we would have found one long ago for the proof that we need to confirm they are real. Let us not forget about all of the native american sightings that have happened for hundreds of years before they were first reported by the rest of us.

Final Thoughts

In some final thoughts we are not saying that we know Bigfoot is real but what we are saying is that IF it is real these are some things to look at in hopes that it will help to prove the existence of Bigfoot. These are only our theories based on the available evidence from around the internet. There is so much misinformation out there that it is very hard to know what to trust and what not to trust. Thankfully there are people and groups out there that have very reliable reputations such as the BFRO, Cliff Barackman and Dr. Jeff Meldrum. There are others but if you want to look into this yourself these are good places to start. All of the sites on our links page are very good sources of information to help you with your research.

Here is something else to think about. Throughout the historical record there have almost always been more than one type of hominid species. So why would it be impossible for there to be more than one today? Is it just modern man who thinks we can be the only one to have survived into modern times?

Having said that other than the evidence that has been reported and gathered to date there is no physical proof that there is another one today but it is not impossible for one of our distant past relatives to have survived into modern times. What do you think? Feel free to let us know.


To learn more about our research visit the research page and enjoy.



Thank you, The

Elk Mound Bigfoot Research Center

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