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Sussex County

December 1976 or 77 (Class B) - Teens have scary encounter in abandoned creamery near Sussex, BFRO

July 1977 (Class A) - Recollection of a late night road crossing while driving near Branchville, BFRO

August 1977 - Family Visited At Night By Unknown Creature, GCBRO

July 1978 (Class A) - Daylight Sighting, 2 witnesses, BFRO

1982 - Camper is followed, Caught glimpse in New Jersey, OB.Com

June 1990 (Class B) - Man recalls hearing strange howls while camping in High Point State Park, BFRO

Summer 1991 (Class B) - Campers retreat to their vehicles due to a loud unknown vocalization near High Point State Park, BFRO

February 1995 (Class B) - Possible screams and stalking heard by seven campers out Newton, BFRO

November 1997 (Class A) - Nighttime encounter at a garbage dumpster in Hamburg, near the Delware Water Gap, BFRO

Spring 1998 (Class B) - Strange bellowing noises heard, BFRO

October 1998 (Class B) - Trio remember observing a tall biped figure by a golf course in Vernon, BFRO

August 2004 - Odd screams and step heard while camping, SIS

May 2006 (Class B) - Possible screams heard by fishermen near Lake Hopatcong, BFRO

May 2006  - While Canoeing Around Small Lake, Witnesses Possible Bigfoot, GCBRO

May 2014 (Class B) - Possible sighting of a juvenile in a backyard at base of High Point State Park, BFRO

June 2015 (Class B) - Campers have possible encounter while staying in High Point State Park, BFRO

August 2014 (Class B) - Possible daylight sighting by a young girl catching frogs at Pleasant Acres Campground, BFRO

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