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Cass County

1969 - Bigfoot Seen Stealing Fish, GCBRO

1981/82 - Several Bigfoot Encounters Mentioned, GCBRO

Spring 1983 (Class B) - Two fisherman run from a large screaming creature in the woods near Highway 7, BFRO

October 1983 (Class B) - Teenagers find footprint near Daugherty, BFRO

December 1988 (Class A) - Three young men spot a sasquatch on a country road near Cleveland, BFRO

October 1989 (Class A) - Group spots a bigfoot late at night walking into Glenwild Cemetery south of Cleveland (MO/KS border), BFRO

July 2020 (Class A) - Couple sees a white sasquatch at Settle's Ford Conservation Area, BFRO

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