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Douglas County

About 1948 - Man recalls sighting creature as a child, OB.Com

July 1956 (Class A) - Boy encounters animal near Lemolo Lake, BFRO

October 1959 - Black Bigfoot chased boys along ridge, OB.Com

February 1969 - Man's neighbor finds tracks, OB.Com

1969 - Hiker finds cave with footprints and other Bigfoot evidence, OB.Com

July 1970 - Boy and sister see a "man in a monkey suit" in a creek, OB.Com

November 1970 (Class B) - Hunter recalls finding fresh tracks in snow outside of Glide, BFRO

August 1973 - Boy sees a "hairy man" in a tree, OB.Com

June 1973/1974 - Man recalls hearing whooping sounds as a boy at favorite fishing spot, OB.Com

July 1974 - Multiple sightings and encounters described, OB.Com

August 1974 - Family sees Bigfoot several times while camping, OB.Com

July 1975 - Man recalls sighting as 10 year old, Family of creatures drinking from stream, OB.Com

August 1975/1976 - Man describes hearing vocalizations near home as a boy, OB.Com

October 1976 - Man stopped to watch a 6 - 7' Bigfoot on a hill 150 yards away, OB.Com

Summer 1977 (Class B) - Family hears loud whooping for three consecutive nights near Drain, BFRO

June 1978 (Class B) - Young camper frightened by large hand gathering berries, BFRO also on OB.Com

September 1979-80 (Class B) - Late night up-close encounter in the Umpqua Nat'l Forest, BFRO also on OB.Com

October 1980 (Class A) - Morning sighting by brothers near Yoncalla, BFRO also on OB.Com

September 1980-1 (Class A) - Afternoon sighting in hills between Oakland and Sutherlin, BFRO

June 1981 - Fisherman followed, catch brief glimpse of creature, OB.Com

1982 - Men hear scream, something charges, smell something bad, OB.Com

Mid 80's - Bear seen pursued by a bigfoot, GCBRO

1987 - Teens sees creature splashing in creek, smells, OB.Com

July 1989 (Class B) - Vocalizations heard in Lookingglass, BFRO

1989 - Man sees and hears a Sasquatch while Elk hunting, OB.Com

June 1991 (Class B) - Two hikers witness large brown creature moving quickly through understory; trained dogs afraid, BFRO also on OB.Com

October 1991 (Class A) - Driver has early morning encounter near Rice Hill, BFRO

1991 - Woman saw huge footprint in mud on Boundary Road, OB.Com

June 1994 - Campers hear screams, branches break, rocks throw near Buckeye Lake, OB.Com

1995 - Forest Service employee and several campers witness Bigfoot walk across meadow, OB.Com

December 1997 - Man has sighting along I-5 in 1997, OB.Com

August 1998 - Witnesses all decided together that "No one would believe them" so they didn't report there sighting untl years later, OB.Com

May 1999 - Men trimming powerline area see Bigfoot, OB.Com

June 1999 - Campers hear vocalizations and thrashing in brush near Lakeside, OB.Com

October 2000Report of large barefoot prints, GCBRO also on OB.Com

September 2001 - Man stops to relieve himself and sees Bigfoot, OB.Com

February 2002 - Four ski-cat guides find fresh tracks on Mt. Bailey, OB.Com

March 2002 - Squirrel hunters hear heavy, thudded footsteps, rocks moving, OB.Com 

August 2002 (Class A) - Girl describes close encounter on family property in the Lookingglass / Roseburg area, BFRO

October 2002 (Class A) - Driver stops, approaches Bigfoot on foot, BFRO

April 2003 - Teens find "bed", see track, OB.Com

March 2004? - Man finds footprint, captures on VHS, OB.Com

August 2004 (Class A) - Hunter hears morning vocalization and has evening sighting north of Diamond Lake, BFRO

September 2004 (Class B) - Campers hear several types of early morning vocalizations near Diamond Lake, BFRO

July 2005 - Campers describe brief sighting, tracks and odd odor, OB.Com

August 2005 - Huge thing seen eating berries by woman and son from their hot tub, OB.Com

October 2005 - Family sees a creature while driving on an old logging road, OB.Com

January 2006 - 8' tall creature crosses road in front of motorist, tracks found, OB.Com

August 2006 - Campers hear mysterious noises and a bad smell, OB.Com 

August 2006 - Campers startled by raspy howls and falling rocks, OB.Com

November 2006 (Class B) - Two men mushroom picking find large footprint and snapped tree near Elkton, BFRO

July 2008 - Young Bigfoot tracks found, OB.Com

September 2008 - Glowing red eyes, powerful smell noticed by residence, OB.Com

2008 - Woman sees a Sasquatch jump out of a tree while parked in car, OB.Com

April 2011 - A couple hears vocalizations while target shooting, OB.Com

September 2012 - Hiker hears screams near Lemolo Falls, OB.Com

October 2013 - Motorist reports "creature" crossing I-5 late at night, OB.Com

October 2014 - Timber faller hears loud tree knocks while falling a tree, OB.Com

April 2015 - Whoops heard by hunters,

June 2015 - Man hiking with girlfriend hits tree, hears grunts in response, OB.Com

September 2015 - Man hears loud screaming twice in one day, OB.Com

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