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Crawford County

August 1977 - Campers on River Have Beastly Encounter, GCBRO

August 1977 (Class A) - Campers see large figure cross river in moonlight, BFRO

August 1977 - 8 to 9 foot tall Bigfoot seen by fishermen, GCBRO

August 1980 - Brothers see Bigfoot pass bedroom window, GCBRO

June 1982 (Class B) - Child has daylight sighting along Meramec River, BFRO

August 1997 (Class B) - Recollection of seeing a huge bipedal shadow while camping that steals food near Steelville, BFRO

June 2003 - Horrible Screams Pierce the Night, GCBRO

February 2008 - Family has ongoing series of Beastly Encounter's, GCBRO

October 2009 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting at City Lake Park outside Sullivan, BFRO

June 2010 (Class B) - Man recalls primate-like vocalization and rocks thrown at a fishing area in the Rvierside Conservation Area, BFRO

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