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October/Unknown year/Jackson County - Prospect man and members of his family see Sasquatch walk across road, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Josephine County - Boy shot a deer, was roasting the meat when Bigfoot came out of the woods, accepted meat and a bag of salt and left, OB.Com

Unknown date/Josephine County - Mother and daughter see Bigfoot while swimming, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Josephine County - Man tells story of encounter when he was young, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Klamath County - Man is stalked on road near Crescent Junction, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Lake County - Man tells of cave found near Sycan Butte, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Lake County - Christmas valley farmer tells of many sightings, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Linn County - Hunter's Elk carcass is disturbed, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Marion County - Loud thuds, Strange bird-like vocalizations heard, OB.Com

July 2011/Unknown County - Snowboarders hear whoops while filming, OB.Com

1973/Unknown County - Woman and father see Bigfoot on I-5, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Multnomah County - 2 men catch Sturgeon, Bigfoot comes close and the fish are gone when they come back, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Multnomah County - Tracks found near Blackberry thicket and dense forest in undeveloped park area, OB.Com

Unknown Date/Multnomah County - Hiker on Larch Mt. east of Portland finds large human-like stool full of berry seeds , OB.Com

Unknown Date/Umatilla County - Bigfoot swipes food from sleeping man , OB.Com

Unknown Date/Umatilla County - Something big and hairy reaching through the window of a truck , GCBRO

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