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Kitsap County

1955 - Bigfoot crosses Road in front of ladies' car, GCBRO

May 1973 (Class A) - Two witnesses see a crouched figure on the beach. It stood up and walked into the nearby woods, BFRO

September 1981Bigfoot crosses in front of ladies' car, GCBRO

August 1982 - Footsteps heard early in morning until gun shots chased away what was making them, OB.Com

August 1983 - Woman hears footsteps, breathing then running as shots were fired, OB.Com

June 1988 (Class A) - Sighting by two hikers, BFRO

June 1991 (Class A) - Fisherman spots a large upright creature digging on the shore, BFRO

Winter 1995 (Class A) - Mutliple daylight sightings in Suquamish, BFRO

July 1997 (Class A) - Forest worker has many encounters with Bigfoot, BFRO

October 1998Motorist sees Bigfoot at night, camps over night in same spot, GCBRO

June 2000 - Creature heard and observed lifting dead tree, OB.Com

June 2000Man checking plants encounters Bigfoot & bears, GCBRO

September 2000 (Class A) - Late night sighting by motorists near Kingston, BFRO

September 2002 - Hunters surprise creature, it screams and runs away, OB.Com

June 2003 (Class A) - Wilderness guide in Indianola observes a large bipedal subject while hunting, BFRO

May 2003, 2004 (Class A) - Homeowner sees huge animal on Bainbridge Island, BFRO

July 2004 (Class B) - Bigfoot print in cement, BFRO

September 2005 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations near Indianola, BFRO

November 2005 (Class A) - Driver has noontime sighting near her home, BFRO

June 2006 (Class A) - Jefferson Head encounter by community service group, BFRO

November 2007 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations near Indianola, BFRO

July 2008 (Class A) - Two very tall hairy creatures seen running down the road at night near Indianola, BFRO

January 2010 - Man hears "whooping" at about 4 am, OB.Com

January 2011 (Class B) - Driver notices a tall dark figure behind a tree near Kingston, BFRO

August 2014 - Man and granddaughter are awakened by screams in the night, OB.Com

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