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Harford County

Early 70's (Class B) - Man sees ape-like animal in back yard, BFRO

1972 - 1973 - Bigfoot raids trash cans for food, GCBRO

July 1973Bigfoot Seen Crossing Field, GCBRO

1973 - 1975 - Mother with children see's Bigfoot in forested park area, GCBRO

July 1984 (Class A) - Large, dark creature seen crossing the road, BFRO

July 1991Campers Have Strange encounter, GCBRO

September 1993While target practicing, hunting buddies, have a Bigfoot encounter, GCBRO also on BFRO

Winter 1995-96 (Class B) - Various activities reported near the Gunpowder River, BFRO

July 1996 (Class B) - Witness hears strange screams from the woods, BFRO

September 1996 (Class A) - Six People Witness "Large dark Animal, run away on two legs" near Gunpowder State Park, BFRO

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