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Worcester County

August 1967 - Family members encounter a Bigfoot, GCBRO 

December 1977 (Class A) - Snowmobilers have daylight sighting near Ashburnham, BFRO

May 2008 (Class A) - Sundown sighting by motorists near Rhode Island state border, BFRO

June 2010 (Class B) - Hikers observe and cast possible fresh footprints in Leominister State Forest, BFRO

June 2010 - Hiker's hear noises and find footprints. Photos included with report, GCBRO

January 2016 (Class A) - Daylight sighting and video attempt by Mother and son near Charlton, BFRO

May 2016 (Class B) - Strange encounters and possible tracks found in a swamp near the Douglas State Forest, BFRO

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