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Jefferson County

July 1966 - Man sees Bigfoot splashing in lake through rifle scope, OB.Com

1967 - Tracks found, Trailer shoved near Trout Lake, OB.Com

1972 - Creature observed by several people next to a telephone pole, OB.Com

September 1973 - Youths see creature near creek, OB.Com

June 1974 - Man sees Bigfoot digging for ants and takes photos, OB.Com

December 1985 - Man describes a line of tracks near Penny Creek Road, OB.Com

August 1986 - Bow hunters describes an encounter with a "Screaming Banshee", OB.Com

Early 1990's - Several creatures running through woods, OB.Com

June 1994 (Class B) - Silouette seen by witness, BFRO also on OB.Com

October 1996 - Tracks found at house, bear seen chased by Bigfoot, OB.Com

1998 (prior to) - Woman sees "Troll" on road, OB.Com

March 2001 - Hikers followed in woods, OB.Com

July 2001 - Man hears vocalization and has sighting, OB.Com

September 2002 - Bowhunters see tall, dark creature, OB.Com

October 2002 (Class A) - Three guests at Suttle Lake Resort get long look at three Sasquatches, BFRO also on OB.Com

September 2004 - Sasquatch whistles at deer hunter, OB.Com

November 2004 - Sasquatch whistles at hunter, mistakes him for another, OB.Com

November 2007 - Father/son observe "hairy" thing and chase it, OB.Com

December 2007 - A family traveling home after Christmas see a Bigfoot cross the road, OB.Com

December 2007 - Man describes hearing screams on Warm Springs Reservation, OB.Com

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