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Jackson County

October 1942 - Hunters saw Bigfoot, OB.Com

August 1960 - 7' Bigfoot runs beside vehicle near Prospect, OB.Com

August 1962 - Prints seen near campfire, OB.Com

August 1968 - Man see Bigfoot, 12' tall with amber reflective eyes, OB.Com

June 1971 - Teen sees fresh track and creature while fishing, OB.Com

1972 - Child camping near Medford feels watched and hears scream, OB.Com

September 1972 - Man saw 7 - 8' tall Bigfoot on Highway 66 near Ashland, OB.Com

June 1978 - Girl on horseback heard noises and horse panicked, OB.Com

August 1978 - Woman recalls seeing creature while camping in the 1970's, OB.Com

September 1978 - Group witness a family of Sasquatch, OB.Com

July 1979 - Woman makes eye contact with "Hairy Man", OB.Com

July 1979 - Woman tells of sighting at South Umpqua Falls, OB.Com

Fall 1979 (Class B) - Sasquatch evidence near Mount McLoughlin, BFRO

1988 (Class A) - Two hunters find trackway of a Sasquatch, then witness a partial view Sasquatch as it runs away, BFRO also on OB.Com

1989/1990? - Rock is thrown hitting tree and narrowly missing witness' girlfriend near Black Bear Swamp, OB.Com

July 1990 - Camper reports loud vocalization on upper Rogue River, OB.Com

August 1990 - Men see large 12'? Bigfoot at the beginning of bowhunting season, OB.Com

November 1990 - Man sees trackway in the snow near Lake Of The Woods, OB.Com

1990 - Witness describes finding broken trees and an awful smell while mountain biking at Rustler Peak, OB.Com

1991 - Man tells of sounds heard while camping around highway 140, OB.Com

October 1992 - Hunter encounters a Sasquatch while on a deer drive, OB.Com

October 1992 - Man on horseback smells odor, Horse reacts fearfully, OB.Com

1992 - Twisted trees found by mountain bikers near Black Bear Swamp, OB.Com

Pre-1994 - Woman describes sightings, OB.Com

July 1995 - Man describes hearing screams, breaking branches and impressions found, OB.Com

September mid 90s (Class B) - Hunters, father and son, find track on Wagner Peak, BFRO

September 1999 - Hunters see single clear track in mud near Talent, OB.Com

October 1999 - Man sees Bigfoot while hunting, Group heard sounds near camp, OB.Com

October 1999 (Class A) - Witness observed "thing" walk briskly away, BFRO also on OB.Com

September 2000 - Man sees creature while preforming military exercise, OB.Com

March 2001 - Witness describes a close encounter with 2 creatures in the light of a flashlight, OB.Com

August 2001 - Family and friends camping hear loud vocalization, OB.Com

July 2002 - Researcher describes couples encounter near Ashland, OB.Com

September 2003 - Loud Whoop heard, OB.Com

September 2003 - Campers experience screams and tree breaking several nights in a row, OB.Com

September 2003 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard outside Ruch on BLM land called "Woodrat Mountain", BFRO

February 2004 - Hiker notices smell and sees creature, OB.Com

July 2004 (Class A) - While towing trailer to campsite, family has mid-morning road encounter near Butte Falls, BFRO

January 2005 - Teen sees man-like creature in the woods near freeway, OB.Com

June 2006 - Camper has brief sighting, reports hearing vocalization and food theft, OB.Com

August 2010 - Man finds tracks outside Ashland, OB.Com

June 2011 - Couple have close encounter with a Bigfoot, OB.Com

July 2011 - Camper hear howls and rocks thrown, OB.Com

July 2011 - Southern Oregon man and his dog hear vocalization in backyard, OB.Com

September 2011 - Wildland firefighters have encounter with Bigfoot, OB.Com

October 2011 - Hunter near Prospect reports ongoing activity: cones thrown, vocalizations, OB.Com

October 2011 (Class A) - Couple observes a Bigfoot in daylight while driving on highway near Pinehurst, BFRO

March 2013 - Group finds a possible Bigfoot kill while out for an evening investigation, OB.Com

June 2014 - Fishermen at Applegate Lake hear screams and tree break nearby, OB.Com

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