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Lake County

December 1966 - Bigfoot seen, OB.Com

October 1973 - Witness relates offensive smells, OB.Com

June 1976 - Fisherman in boat sees 8' creature, OB.Com

Late 1970's - Man shoots at eyes, 7' Bigfoot stands up screaming, OB.Com

July 1994 - Teens boys report seeing 3 Bigfoot while hiking, OB.Com

October 1999 (Class B) - Tracks found near a lake by witnesses, BFRO Also on OB.Com

August 2001 - Screams heard by fisherman on Trout Lake, OB.Com

2001 - Boy Scouts see creature late at night, OB.Com

September 2003 - Tracks found near dirt road, OB.Com

July 2006 - Secondhand account of large shadow at back door of home, OB.Com

August 2011 - Loud scream heard near Dead Horse Lake, OB.Com

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