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Iosco County

January 1979 (Class A) - Couple sees 7-8' tall "ape-like creature" in Tuttle Marsh, BFRO

June 1985 - Man recounts sounds and smells in rural residential area in youth, OB.Com

July 85-present (Class B) - Possible ongoing activity outside Whittemore, BFRO

Spring 1988? - 2003 (Class B) - Former Michigan native recalls possible activity near National City, BFRO

April 2012 (Class A) - Daylight sighting by a young man fishing near Whittemore, BFRO

November 2016 (Class B) - Resident's sighting three miles north of Wurtsmith Air Force Base, BFRO

October 2017 (Class B) - Father and daughter have possible late night sighting on edge of Huron National Forest, BFRO

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