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Jackson County

October 1991 (Class A) - Bowhunter recalls dusk encounter on creek dike near Oak Grove, BFRO

February 2013 (Class B) - Man running his coon dogs at night sees a large figure near Grain Valley, BFRO

March 2013 (Class A) - Man observes with his binoculars a large hairy biped at the James A. Reed Wildlife Area, BFRO

May 2013 (Class B) - Woman hears possible vocalizations in the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, BFRO

June 2013 (Class A) - Daylight sighting outside Grain Valley near the Monkey Mountain Park Reserve, BFRO

March 2014 (Class A) - Early morning commuter swerves to miss tall hairy figure near Grain Valley, BFRO

November 2015 (Class A) - Bow hunter describes close encounter at dusk from his tree stand near Grain Valley, BFRO

May 2016 (Class B) - Night fisherman intimidated by large rock thrown into water near Monkey Mountain, BFRO

August 2020 (Class B) - Fisherman describes large animal sounds in James Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, BFRO

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