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Marion County

1967 - Forest Service Geologist followed near N. Sanitam River, OB.Com

1970 - A teenage girl witnesses a female Bigfoot steal meat from a cooler, OB.Com Also on BFRO

Summer est mid-70 (Class A) - Family encounters upright creature while camping at Silver Falls, BFRO

August 1971 - Man recalls experience while picking berries, OB.Com

1975 - Man recalls hearing unexplainable scream, OB.Com

1975 - 1978 - South African family encounters a Sasquatch while camping in Oregon, OB.Com

Summer 1977 (Class B) - College students get approached by Sasquatch and shoot at it, BFRO

September 1979 - Rocks thrown at campers, OB.Com

July 1980 (Class B) - Two men find rockpiles, nest at Abiqua River, BFRO

1983-ish - Orey Innes tracks and sighting, Upper Abiqua Basin, OB.Com

June 1985 - Newlyweds have encounter while hiking the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, OB.Com

Early 1980's - 3-wheeler riders have sighting near Hoodoo Camp, OB.Com

October 1989 or 1990 - Man and young son see Sasquatch cross road, OB.Com

Mid-1990's - Strange rock stacks in Abiqua Basin, OB.Com

1992 - Couple sees Bigfoot standing in road near dump holding a plastic trash bag, OB.Com

March 1994 - Abiqua - Orey's son finds cave and has sighting, OB.Com

June 1994 - Man hears strange whistling vocalization near family cabin, OB.Com

July 1994 - Woman's daughter found huge 4 toed footprints while fishing, OB.Com

September 1994 - Hunters hear high-pitched "talking" and loud scream in rock quary, OB.Com

November 1994 - Man finds 14" tracks, OB.Com

December 1994 - Girl sees Bigfoot chasing sheep, OB.Com

1994 - Report of cave stacked with bones, OB.Com

July 1995 - Glowing eye seen in Flashlight beam, OB.Com

October 1995 (Class A) - Brief daylight sighting by hunter near Silver Creek Falls State Park, BFRO

1995 - Woman and daughter see "troll" near house, OB.Com

October 1996 - Upper Abiqua - Orey Innes sighting, OB.Com

November 1996 - Hunters sees Bigfoot near Silverton, OB.Com

1996 - Man has sighting in Abiqua while mushrooming, OB.Com

July 1999 (Class B) - Witnesses heard what they described as a "roaring scream", BFRO also on OB.Com

September 1999 - While following up on a report, 2 people hear a branch breaking at night, OB.Com

April 2000 - Witness describes fresh tree damage and a possible track, OB.Com

October 2000 - Vocalizations heard near Detroit, OB.Com

June 2002 - Witness see creature running along side his truck on logging road, OB.Com

July 2002 (Class B) - Vocalizations heard by campers in Taylor Park, BFRO also on OB.Com

June 2003 (Class A) - Fisherman has close sighting on Breitenbush River, BFRO

August 2003 - Solo camper hears vocalizations at Pansy Lake, OB.Com

September 2003 - Hunter hears bipedal walking near camp sight at night, OB.Com

March 2005 - Tracks, sounds in brush and an awful odor reported by gold panners, OB.Com

June 2005 (Class B) - Bicyclist hears vocalization, wood knocks and sees tree shaking, BFRO

October 2005 - Brown creature on 2 feet runs off with part of a hunters kill, OB.Com

November 2006 (Class B) - Couple south of Aurora hears repeated screams, encounter with dog, BFRO

July 2007 - Campers hear large visitor, find tracks the next morning, OB.Com

July 2010 - Witness hears loud screams and crashing of something large in woodlands off property, OB.Com

October 2012 - Vocalization heard near Pamelia Lake, OB.Com

August 2015 - Camper kicks something through tent, Tent collapses, OB.Com

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