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Pacific County

July 1979 (Class B) - Hitchhiker hears loud vocalization just outside Ilwaco, BFRO

December 1992 (Class B) - Couple sees bipedal creature jump across a logging road near Naselle, BFRO

1994 - Man sees a Sasquatch bent over on the highway, OB.Com

November 1996 (Class A) - Father and son glimpse large, upright animal while hunting near Smith Slough, BFRO

April 2001 (Class B) - Salmon surveyor has unusual experience near confluence of Fall River and Boss Creek, BFRO

April 2005 - Human-like screams heard on long island, OB.Com

April 2008 (Class A) - Young man, on camping trip with his family, sees a Sasquatch near Naselle, BFRO

March 2011 (Class A) - Family has frequent visitors at their home near Ocean Park, BFRO

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