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Lincoln County

August 1965 - Screams heard at Bull Lake, OB.Com

1990 - Farmer won't let daughter near woods because Bigfoot kept stealing animals, OB.Com 

June 1991 - Man sees Bigfoot run across privet road, OB.Com

January 1992 - Bigfoot on back porch rummaging through trash, OB.Com

October 1994 - Roots found, all stacked in same direction, OB.Com

November 1995 - Friends see bear run on 2 feet, OB.Com

November 1996 - Bigfoot lands behind car near Tidewater, OB.Com

Around 1999 - Teens find track in mud, OB.Com

October 1999 - Man and son see creature walking near Lake Kookunusa, OB.Com

July 2000 (Class B) - Possible movement and footsteps heard by women waiting in stranded vehicle, BFRO also on OB.Com

2001 - Man cutting firewood has sighting near Yachats, OB.Com

2002 - Fresh tracks found, Strange birdcalls heard, OB.Com

October 2008 - Campers provoke wood-knocks that lasts several hours, OB.Com

July 2011 - Motorist sees creature stand up from behind clump of grass, OB.Com

August 2011 - Man sees a Bigfoot cross Hwy 101, OB.Com

August 2012 - Motorist shaken by Bigfoot visualization, OB.Com

January 2019 - Woman walking dog hears whoops, OB.Com

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