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Le Flore County

October 1971 (Class B) - Deer kill stash discovered after bigfoot sighting, BFRO

Summer 1980's (Class B) - May/June 83/84 Oklahoma Leflore, BFRO

April 1997 - Several Bigfoot incidents mentioned, GCBRO

October 1999 - Deer Hunters Plagued by a Bigfoot, GCBRO

November 1999 (Class B) - 12"-14" tracks found by two friends after they felt like they were being " stalked " by something unknown while deer hunting, BFRO

January 2000 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting by trucker near Honobia, BFRO

February 2000 (Class B) - Strange calls and other possible Bigfoot related activity experienced by investigators, BFRO

March 2000 (Class A) - Young man has road cross encounter at dusk, BFRO

July 2000 (Class A) - Brief sighting by a fisherman ; Tracks found ; Report from investigators, BFRO

October 2001 (Class B) - BFRO investigator hears loud footsteps and bipedal running, BFRO

October 2001 (Class A) - Small Sasquatch seen in tree by hunter, near Big Cedar, BFRO

November 2002, Man Hunting Mushrooms Encounters A Bigfoot, GCBRO

April 2004 (Class B) - Footprints found near Honobia, BFRO

April 2004 (Class A) - Turkey hunter has close encounter with Bigfoot in Kiamichi Mountains, BFRO

October 2004 (Class B) - While camping, couple hears repeated strange, night time vocalizations, BFRO

February 2005 (Class B) - Local family reports huge tracks near Big Cedar, BFRO

May 2005 - Hunters Encounter A Bigfoot, GCBRO

January 2007 (Class B) - Off-duty law enforcement officers describe vocalizations, wood knocks, and rock throwning, outside the town of Heavener, BFRO

March 2008 (Class A) - Daylight observation by BFRO investigator near Honobia, BFRO

August 2008 (Class B) - Hikers hear possible vocalizations throughout the night near Cedar Lake, BFRO

October 2009 (Class B) - Couple witness a possible juvenile running on all fours in Smithville, BFRO

January 2012 (Class B) - Passenger sees large biped figure on a powerline trail near Octavia, BFRO

March 2012 (Class A) - Daylight sighting along a highway near Big Cedar, BFRO

May 2012 (Class A) - Early morning sighting on US 59 near Poteau, BFRO

September 2012 (Class B) - Family has possible encounter at Cedar Lake Equestrian Camp, BFRO

April 2020 (Class B) - Campers awoken by loud knocks around 4am near Talemina Scenic Drive, BFRO

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