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Macoupin County

Spring 1978 (Class B) - Couple in car terrified by loud howl/scream near Carlinville, BFRO

Summer 1989? (Class A) - Memory told of sighting at night along SR 108 near Hagaman, BFRO

September 1992 (Class A) - Large shaggy creature crosses road behind girls walking at night near Carlinville, BFRO

November 1993 (Class A) - Memory told of a sighting at dawn while deer hunting north of Hettick, BFRO

July 1994-1995 (Class A) - Camper has nighttime sighting outside of Bunker Hill, BFRO

November 2008 (Class A) - Possible sighting, wood knocks and vocalizations west of Girard, BFRO

April 2012 (Class B) - Possible nighttime sighting and ongoing activity on a farm east of Shipman, BFRO

June 2012 (Class B) - Ongoing activity described at a home near Shipman, BFRO

November 2012 (Class B) - Homeowner has possible sightings east of Carlinville, BFRO

December 2013 (Class B) - Possible sighting by a motorist near Hettick, BFRO

November 2014 (Class B) - Motorist has possible nighttime sighting near Hagaman Bottoms, BFRO

December 2014 (Class B) - Motorist has possible night time sighting near Plainview, BFRO

November 2016 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting near Sunset Lake west of Girard, BFRO

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