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Morrow County

Summer 1977 (Class A) - Children have daytime close encounter near Sparta; UPDATED with Witness Sketch, BFRO

January 1978 (Class A) - Three fox hunters witness a "Freak of nature bear" step over a fence and walk into a thicket, BFRO

June 1978 (Class A) - Mini-bike rider has afternoon encounter near Fulton, BFRO

August 2002 (Class A) - Two Motorists Have An Early Evening Sighting North of Mt. Gilead, BFRO

January 2005 (Class A) - Two young men have a sighting while tending a campfire near Cardington, BFRO

March 2013 (Class B) - Possible daylight sighting by a homeowner from her window near Marengo, BFRO

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