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Monroe County

November 1979 (Class A) - Daytime Sighting by Caver West of Lake Monroe, BFRO also on IBRO

May 1982 (Class B) - Three fishermen watched by "something", BFRO also on IBRO

November 1988 (Class A) - Man recalls his observation of a creature crossing a road while hunting in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest, BFRO also on IBRO

October 1989 or 1990 (Class A) - Two sisters observe creature cross the road, BFRO also on IBRO

November 2003 - Noises heard while walking in woods, IBRO

Fall 2006 (Class B) - Possible encounter while backpacking in the Hoosier National Forest, BFRO

March 2009 (Class B) - Man hears multiple moans and sees a gray creature outside of Bloomington, BFRO also on IBRO

October 2009 (Class B) - Loud, early morning vocalizations heard by duck hunters near Lake Monroe, BFRO

May 2017 - Creature seen off road, IBRO

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