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Roscommon County

November 1968 (Class B) - Hunter recalls a possible encounter during deer season near St. Helen, BFRO

August 1980 (Class A) - Two firefighters have near collision with animal north of Houghton Lake, BFRO

October 1984 (Class A) - Man recalls a Sasquatch watching he and a group of teenagers taking a walk while camping near Houghton Lake, BFRO

September 1992 (Class B) - Recollection of a possible road crossing at dusk near Roscommon, BFRO

April 1999 (Class A) - Daylight sighting in woods behind high school outside Houghton Lake, BFRO

November 2011 (Class B) - Resonant vocalizations and bipedal movement heard by hunter camped near Roscommon, BFRO

April 2017 (Class A) - Family driving a rural two-track have a late day encounter north of Higgins Lake, BFRO

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