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San Juan County

Various Dates Through the Years  -  Man thrown down the hill in his sleeping bag/trailer dented by a Bigfoot, GCBRO

July 1978 - Bigfoot seen by river, GCBRO

July 1980 (Class A) - Navajo man describes sighting at a sheep herder camp in Chuska Mountains, BFRO

1996 (Class B) - Observations by locals along the San Juan River, BFRO

March 2002 (Class A) - River guide sees skinny bigfoot at dusk, BFRO

June 2002 (Class A) - Early evening sighting in meadow near Narbona Pass in the Chuska Mountains, BFRO

October 2003 (Class A) - Mother and daughter see creature from the road, BFRO

August 2005 (Class B) - Possible visitation at a camp, 10 miles northeast of Whiskey Lake, BFRO

October 2005 (Class B) - Zoologist hears wood knocking, BFRO

May 2009 (Class A) - Daytime sighting by two men while driving near Narbona Pass, BFRO

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