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Thurston County

August 1967 (Class A) - Two men witness three large individuals, two very large and the other about two-thirds their size, BFRO

August 1973 (Class B) - Young boy awakened by a loud roaring scream (Part 1), BFRO

July 1977 (Class A) - Young boy awakened by a loud roaring scream (Part 3), BFRO

April 1979 (Class A) - At night, soldier in training has sighting at Ft. Lewis, BFRO

Fall 1981 (Class B) - Young boy awakened by a loud roaring scream (Part 2), BFRO

May 1984 (Class A) - A fisherman's encounter along a trail near Patison Lake, BFRO

July 1985 (Class B) - Witness reports bad smell and a scream, BFRO

July 1987 (Class B) - Woman recalls childhood incident -- possible stalking near Yelm, BFRO

May 1990 (Class A) - Loud vocalizations sounds heard, BFRO

June 1994-1995 - Fishermen hear screams, see tree fall and have there camp intruded upon, OB.Com

February 2003 - Creature seen around yard, GCBRO

April 2005 (Class B) - Young Girl Experiences Rock and Stick Throwing, BFRO

February 2010 - Man sees and scares away a creature in the woods, OB.Com

February 2011 (Class B) - Young man staying up late hears and records possible vocalizations near Rainier, BFRO

March 2012 (Class A) - While target shooting a family observes a large bi-ped in a blackberry patch near the town of Rainier, BFRO

June 2017 (Class B) - Couple hear repeated vocalizations while canoeing on a lake near Lacy, BFRO

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