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Whatcom County

August 1972 (Class A) - Silhouette awakens boy while camping near S. Fork Nooksack River, BFRO

June 1976 (Class B) - Husband and wife harassed by unseen creatures at their camp late at night, BFRO

August 1977 (Class A) - Three brownish figures seen moving on nearby foothill, BFRO

October 1979 - Man sees creature flee in woods and hears screams several times as a boy, OB.Com

September about 1980 (Class A) - Motorist surprises animal crossing freeway, BFRO

July 1982 (Class B) - Camper hears heavy footsteps at night around tent at Baker Lake, BFRO

October 1984 (Class A) - Morning sighting by hiker, near Shuksan, BFRO

Fall 1987 (Class B) - Loud vocalizations repeatedly disturb family, BFRO

July 1995 (Class A) - Woman drives car over subject lying on road near Everson, BFRO

November 1999Deer Hunter hears unusual type screams, GCBRO

September 2001 (Class A) - Long range sighting of a tall, fast-moving animal traversing a snow field below Table Mountain (Mt. Baker area), BFRO

April 2002Bigfoot seen by people out 4-wheeling, GCBRO

June 2002 - Teens see creature in woods while stuck in mud, OB.Com

August 2002 (Class A) - Road trip pit stop in the woods, BFRO

July 2003 (Class B) - Campers startled by large figure behind their site, BFRO

August 2003 (Class B) - Campers hear footfalls, rock clicking and find foorprints, BFRO

July 2005 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations at Kulshan Campground on Baker Lake, BFRO

January 2007 - Footprints seen in backyard, OB.Com

February 2007 (Class B) - Resident on Nooksack River reports possible ongoing Class B Incidents, BFRO

June 2014 (Class B) - Dark figure observed thru binoculars during an afternoon on Baker Lake near Swift Creek, BFRO

January 2017 (Class A) - Sickly Sasquatch observed by farmhand around 5am, 5 min outside Everson, BFRO

August 2018 (Class B) - Knocks north of Welcome along North Fork of Nooksack River, BFRO

September 2018 (Class A) - Son and father observe possible Bigfoot family 17mi NE of Bellingham, near Sumas Mountain, BFRO

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