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Vernon Parish

Summer 1979 (Class A) - Five year old boy approached by a large, bi-pedal animal covered in dark hair, BFRO

July 1980 (Class A) - Pre-teens encounter 2 ape like creatures while exploring the woods, BFRO

July 1982 - 3 Cousins asleep in tent awakened by Bigfoot, GCBRO 

August 1982Bigfoot wakes up Campers, GCBRO

October 1989 - Deer Hunter Sees Large Unusual Creature, GCBRO

September 1990 - Oil Pump Station Worker gets shook up, GCBRO

November 1994 - Man hears screaming creature coming towards him while out deer hunting, GCBRO

December 1996 - Motorists Sees Unusual Creature on side of Road, GCBRO

December 1999Deer hunter watches two man-like creatures eating corn from deer feeder, GCBRO

June 2001 - After Finishing a Night of Military Drills, Witness Has an Eerie Experience, GCBRO

July 2002 - Loud sounds heard in the woods during military maneuvers, OB.Com

August 2006 - Homebuilder Has Eerie Experience, GCBRO

November 2007 - Hunter's Have an Eerie Experience, GCBRO

September 2009 - Witnesses Hear Strange Howls, GCBRO

October 2010 - Archery Hunter Has Eerie Encounter, GCBRO

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