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This page will only show reports for Australia.      They will be in order of date and not area. 



1981 - Bush walker has Encounter with Unknown Creature, GCBRO

1980'sCampers Encounter some Yowie Action, GCBRO

July 1991 - Australia, Blue Mountains, (West of Sydney), GCBRO

Early 1990's - Man see's ape like creature swing down from a tree and stand upright, GCBRO

July 1994 - On the edge of the Murray River, GCBRO

1995 - Bushwalkers Encounter A Yowie, GCBRO

July 1995 - Dogs harmed by Yowie, GCBRO

1997 - Hawksburry River NSW, GCBRO

January 1999 - Youths chased from bush by Yowie, GCBRO

January 1999 - Woman nearly runs over Yowie, GCBRO

October 1999 - Couple hears blood chilling roars at night, GCBRO

June 2002Yowie, BFRO

May 2004 - Bushwalker Encounters A Yowie, GCBRO

November 2006 - Yowie is Getting Too Close For Comfort, GCBRO


December 19703 girls see creature while walking on a path to the beach, GCBRO

1970-1971 - Townsville, Queensland, Australia, GCBRO

July 1979 - Brisbane Queensland, Mt.  Nebo Road, Upper Enogerra Creek, GCBRO

1980 - Barron Gorge, Cairns is in QLD, GCBRO

September 1990 - Eudlo, Queensland, GCBRO

January 1996 - While on Nature Walk, Woman Encounters a Yowie, GCBRO

July 1997 - Gold Coast area in South East Queensland, GCBRO

December 1997 - Glass house Mountains, Queensland, GCBRO

November 1999 - Queensland Australia Twin lakes Rd. Off Hwy. 4 behind american building, GCBRO

September 2000 - Kilcoy Qld. Australia, GCBRO

August 2001Yowie Report, GCBRO

June 2005Horse rider encounters a Yowie, GCBRO

2005 - Unusual Creatures Seen Crossing Road, GCBRO


July 1994 - On the edge of the Murray River, GCBRO

April 1996 - Yowie observed walking through scrub brush, GCBRO

1997 - 1998? - Driver sees small, hairy man-like creature, GCBRO

Western Australia

January 1985 - Something seen while on the side of the road, GCBRO

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