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Yamhill County

August 1970 - Kids playing outside see Bigfoot, GCBRO also on OB.Com

1976 - Vocalizations frighten woodcutters, OB.Com

January 1978 - Same witness saw Bigfoot 2 times, OB.Com

1978 - Man recalls hooting back and forth with something while gathering firewood, OB.Com

Late 1980's or Early 1990's - Man says neighbor described almost running over a Bigfoot near his home, OB.Com

1980's or 1990's - Country store clerk tells of hunters being scared by Sasquatch sighting, OB.Com

May 1984 (Class B) - Loud vocalizations heard on logging road 15 miles west of Yamhill, BFRO also on OB.Com

February 1999 - Men find tracks 16" to 18" long, OB.Com

March 2000 - Man hears squeal, finds tracks and then sees creature, OB.Com

July 2003 - Fishermen have eerie encounter, GCBRO

October 2003 - Hunter reports smell, grunting sounds and limbs breaking, OB.Com

September 2005 - Man has sighting of 2 juvenile creatures, OB.Com

April 2009 - Camper describes activity 3 nights in a row, Tent was disturbed, OB.Com

January 2010 - Girl has experience while walking to bus stop, OB.Com

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