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Curry County

1899 - Headwaters of South Sixes River, OR prospectors saw devil, OB.Com

1900 - Sixes River, OR area miners saw 9` tall "animal man" drinking from stream, OB.Com

February 1904 - Sixes Mining District near Myrtle Point, OR Wild man of the Sixes, OB.Com

October 1924 - Craggie Mountains (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) - Young cowboy followed is shallow snow a trail of huge prints with long stride, heading into rough country, OB.Com

1930's - Coast range OR/CA border, person from Portland saw giant human tracks, OB.Com

1930's - Craggie Mountains (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) - logger sees big footprints in snow headed into back country, OB.Com

August 1969 (Class B) - Campers hear terrifying vocalizations and see a huge dark form, BFRO also on OB.Com

August 1969 - Sixes River near Port Orford man sees Bigfoot several times during 2 month dredging operation, OB.Com

Fall 73-75 (Class B) - Boater finds footprints on bank of Rogue River, BFRO

November 1974 (Class A) - Logging crew has daytime sighting, BFRO

1974 - Sixes River - Orange glowing eyes, strange sounds and disturbed vegetation described, OB.Com

March 1975 - Stranded motorist hears screams across the Chetco, OB.Com

July 1976 - Woman retells story of encounter, while camping with family, OB.Com

July 1976 - Creature sighted near Gold Beach rock quarry, OB.Com

1978 - While camping at KOA camp ground, boy finds evidence, OB.Com

June 1978 (Class A) - Hikers notice a large (at least seven to eight feet tall) animal covered with dark brown fur sitting on a stump, BFRO also on OB.Com

September 1978 - Southern Curry County - Woman investigates when chickens and horses were disturbed, Saw Bigfoot in clearing, OB.Com

August 1986 (Class A) - Two sets of bigfoot trackways at Cape Blanco Beach on southern Oregon coast, BFRO also on OB.Com

1990/1991 - Kalmiopsis Wilderness - Man hears growl, deer meat taken and large fecal matter found, OB.Com

February 1994 (Class B) - Beach visitors find large footprints, BFRO

August 1994 - Man is charged by something in the brush at Chetco River, OB.Com

March 2001 (Class A) - Two hikers both hear strange sounds in a creek culvert, investigate to see two ape-like creatures sitting at far end of culvert, BFRO also on OB.Com

June 2001 (Class A) - Evening beach walker with dog observes two huge upright dark hunched ape-man figures swinging arms and walking long strides one behind the other along nearby hillslope, BFRO also on OB.Com

January 2008 - Campers hear "Conversation" along Elk River, OB.Com

September 2011 - Witness has vocalizations on property, OB.Com

September 2012 (Class A) - Face-to-face encounter at dusk along the Pacific Coast Trail, BFRO

September 2014 (Class B) - Group hears baby crying while camping, EMBRC

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