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EMBRC Report #  1

Class:  B  


Year:   1980          


Season:  Spring                


Month:   May                     


Nearest Town:   King City, CA             


Nearest Road/Hwy:    Jolon Rd. off of Hwy 101     


State, Province:  California                     


County:   Monterey                            


Country:  USA      


Sisters find footprints and hear whistles


Location information and directions to site:  Through fort hunter Liggett to las padres national forest to an area called " the Indians" pick up map at department of forestry in King City, Calif.  


What Happened:  My sister and myself were at the creek hiking just north of the formation. We stepped into the dry Creek bed because it was easy walking.part of the sand was damp and we noticed large footprints going in a northerly direction. I put my heel next to print heel and my sister put her heel at the top of my foot and the large foot print was 2 or 3 inches longer than both of ours. My shoe was 7 1/2 and hers was 8 1/2. The depth looked to be 2 inches deep ours only 1/4 of an inch if that. We thought the distance between foot prints was rather long but didn't measure them. Around the same time years we heard very loud whistles and I would do it back. I can whistle very loud. We just thought it was a person . we were the only one there. No other cars or people. Two other times some bushes rattled or shook and we thought it was quail. Anyway the prints were perfect footprints and we could see them going up the creek but didn't follow. We did wonder how they managed to deal with all the stickers and sharp rocks


Environment and landmarks:  11 am and Sunny. Sandstone formations on left of road and a large creek is behind that.


Number of Witnesses:  2

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