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EMBRC Report #  3

Class:  A  


Year:   2002          


Season:  Spring                


Month:   April                     


Nearest Town:   Oakhurst, CA             


Nearest Road/Hwy:    601 and hiway 49     


State, Province:  California                     


County:   Madera                            


Country:  USA      


Women has close sighting while walking


Location information and directions to site:  Left on 49 at Oakhurst. 7 mi. To 601 turn right on nip rd. One mile up on left across from yellow house  


What Happened: I was jog- walking up nip rd. and heard someone in the trees copying my step. I shuffled my feet back and forth so they couldn't copy me and they laughed about it. I turned towards them and said I know your there I can hear you. They stepped out from behind the pine trees into a small clearing but was facing sideways to me. The head and neck were concealed up in the pine branches about 10 feet up I could see all the rest of it. Extremely long black hair very clean no bad smell. I assumed it was a female. She held very still. She appeared very gental no aggretion what so ever. I was 6 feet away and said OMG!! I turned to see how far the nearest house was so I could go in. Not to far 20 feet ahead. After words I felt bad because I felt she may have wanted to communicate. Many after thoughts came to me I believe she saw me clearing brush behind our house and was curious. She was the biggest female animal I have ever seen. 9 to 10 feet tall and weighed at least a 1000 lbs. I compared her weight to our agnus bull. Very beautiful


Environment and landmarks:  About 5:00 pm. Sunny.


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