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EMBRC Report #  4

Class:  B 


Year:   1986          


Season:  Fall                


Month:   November


Nearest Road/Hwy:    510th St.    


Nearest Town:   Downsville


County:   Dunn


State, Province:  Wisconsin                   


Country:  USA      


Man hears possible Bigfoot walking


Location information and directions to site:  Wooded hills and fields Southeast of Downsville. 


What Happened: While deer hunting in November 1986 I was sitting listing for deer. I heard and saw a deer run nearby me like it was scared of something as it's tail was up indicating it was scared of something. It was running fast enough where I could not get a shot at it. Then I heard footfalls of something on 2 legs but I looked around and didn't see anything. I knew it wasn't my ex-father-in-law because he was in a different area than I was. Then it went silent. No bird sounds or anything. Then I heard my ex-father-in-law shout for me to come for lunch from the road above me and I could see him. I asked him if he had come though near where I was and he said no that he had only just come from where he was sitting.I didn't think anything more about it and only just remembered it.


Environment and landmarks:  It was about lunch time and cloudy.


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