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Jefferson County

1946 - Older woman has encounter with creature while tending to her grandchildren late one night, GCBRO

1972? - Two Men encounter something large crashing down mountain towards them while night fishing on Lake Purdy, GCBRO

1976/77 - Man encounters 6-6.5 ft. tall, hair-covered creature, while fishing along the Black Warrior River, GCBRO

November 1985 - Bigfoot Seen Crossing Road, GCBRO

September 1979 (Class A) - Hiker has daylight sighting near Warrior, BFRO

June 2000 - Men fishing see Bigfoot, GCBRO

August 2000 - Family sees Bigfoot while out driving, GCBRO

October 2000Man stalked by Bigfoot, GCBRO

November 2000 - Large animal bed accidently found, GCBRO

October 2013 (Class A) - Night fisherman first hears and then observes two Bigfoots in his spotlight near Birmingham, BFRO

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