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Maricopa County

May 1987 - Four friends see creature, GCBRO

September 1991 (Class A) - Driver Witnesses large, dark creature cross the road, BFRO

1991-92 (Class A) - Man recalls observing two short bi-pedal creatures while hiking west of Phoenix, BFRO

August 1992 (Class A) - Memory told of a daylight sighting and parallel chase in the Gila River bottoms while riding horseback, BFRO

Summer 1990's (Class A) - Late night multi-witness, road-crossing sighting near Bartlett Lake, BFRO

Winter 1998 (Class A) - Husband,wife and nephew observe a Bigfoot cross the road, BFRO

April 2004 (Class A) - Early morning roadside sighting of tall gray creature near Buckeye, BFRO

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