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Mendocino County

1963 (Class A) - Creature observed at playground, BFRO

August 1966 (Class A) - Teenagers have sighting of two creatures near Albion, BFRO

September 1974 (Class A) - Hunter has daytime sighting near Dos Rios, BFRO

1976 (Class B) - Creature seen in the woods by hunter, BFRO

October 1977 - Man hears primal screams, OB.Com

1977 (Class B) - Witness heard stomping and crashing of small trees, BFRO

September 1978 -1979 (Class B) - Hiker finds an “A” frame type of nest in the Mammoth Lakes area, BFRO

July 1982 (Class A) - Creature heard running away by campers, BFRO

July 1985 (Class B) - Two men hear afternoon vocalization near Fort Bragg, BFRO

Summer 1987 (Class A) - Woman hears late night scream and has close encounter near Laytonville, BFRO

May 2004 (Class B) - Hikers Find Multiple Tracks Near Covelo, BFRO

January 2005 (Class B) - Family hears unusual calls, BFRO

September 2006 (Class B) - Possible intimidation/interaction heard by couple on two occasions in route to Fort Bragg, BFRO

December 2007 (Class A) - Paranormal investigator describes encounter near Covelo, BFRO

July 2008 (Class A) - Man Has Face to Face Encounter Outside of Willits, BFRO

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