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Navajo County

June 1973 - Huge black upright creature seen from RV in meadow, GCBRO

March 2002 - Family experiences ongoing activity near home, OB.Com

September 2005 - Fisherman encounters foul-selling creature at close range, OB.Com

October 2006 (Class A) - Late afternoon road crossing near Cibecue (Fort Apache Reservation), BFRO

June 2007 (Class B) - Possible early morning vocalization at Fool's Hollow Lake, BFRO

February 2009 (Class B) - Man finds large, human-like footprints in mud while jogging near his home (photos included), BFRO

March 2010 (Class A) - Afternoon sighting by a commuter south of Show Low, BFRO

May 2011 (Class A) - Brief daylight sighting within the city limits of Show Low, BFRO

April 2014 (Class A) - Evening sighting from a fishing boat on Fools Hollow Lake near Show Low, BFRO

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