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Map of he World

As the reports come in you will see the countries appear along with the reports for that country. There will be less to search through for you and it will make it easier for you to find what you want.



November 2011Bargi Matal, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan (Class B) - U.S. Soldier views unexplainable subject near Bargi Matal, BFRO


August 2003Seeking answers to big 'mystery ape': Clues to new ape species?, BFRO


December 2001Howling Amazon Monster Just an Indian Legend?, BFRO


1984  - Man going to his car at night encounters ape like creature, GCBRO


October 1977 (Class A) - Daylight sighting of yeti crossing glacier in the Himalayas, BFRO

August 2003 - Pepsi goes on Yeti trail in Nepal, BFRO


March 1981 - 9-foot, Redheaded Vegetarian Stalks China, BFRO

August 1988 - Legendary 'Wildman,' cousin of Bigfoot, exists, BFRO

May 1995 - Chinese Scientists will begin a yearlong hunt for Bigfoot, BFRO

August 1995 - Airborne Search, BFRO

June 1997 - Chinese Team Hunting a Red-headed 'Bigfoot', BFRO

December 1999 - China tracks red-haired corn-eating Big Foot, BFRO

April 2000 - Bigfoot believed living in China, BFRO

May 2000 - Tourists Visit Location of "Bigfoot" in Fall, BFRO

July 2002 - On the trail of China's Bigfoot, BFRO

June 2003 - 'Bigfoot' sighting in China, BFRO

January 2006 - China sighting area, BFRO


October 2001 - Team 'find traces of Sumatran Yeti', BFRO

September 2002 - Tests being carried out on 'yeti' hair, BFRO

November 2002 - New Ape Population Found, BFRO


January 1995 - Malaysian trekkers report fresh footprints of 'Bigfoot', BFRO

January 2000 - Village Abuzz Over Sighting of 'Mawas', BFRO

December 2005 - Bigfoot Sighted In Johor?, BFRO

December 2005 - Johor Body All For Study On Bigfoot, BFRO

December 2005 - Bigfoot ‘can boost eco-tourism’, BFRO

December 2005 - Malaysia hunts for mythical Bigfoot, BFRO

January 2006 - Johor's Bigfoot - Remnants Of Pre-Historic Apes?, BFRO

January 2006 - Official investigation in Malaysia - two teams to be deployed, BFRO

January 2006 - Malaysia forms official scientific team, BFRO

February 2006 - Malaysian Panel to co-ordinate ‘Bigfoot’ expedition, Johor liaising with scientists, BFRO

February 2006 - Malaysia effort will likely uncover other new species, BFRO

February 2006 - Sightings in Endau-Rompin National Park, BFRO

February 2006 - Investigators in Kota Tinggi, BFRO

February 2006 - Freelance investigators in Johor, BFRO

February 2006 - Recent Johor track cast examined, BFRO

February 2006 - More about tracks on road in Panti, Kota Tinggi, BFRO

February 2006 - Vincent Chow may have found a trail, BFRO

February 2006 - Malaysia terminology, BFRO

February 2006 - Vincent Chow; Microphone monitoring, BFRO

February 2006 - BBC corresp. taken to see tracks in Johor, BFRO

February 2006 - Malaysian researchers given priority over foreign researchers, BFRO

March 2006 - Foreign Minister calls for action, BFRO

March 2006 - Influx of searchers in Kota Tinggi, BFRO

March 2006 - Influx of searchers in Kota Tinggi, BFRO

March 2006 - Freddie Long clarifies situation in Kota Tinggi, BFRO

April 2006 - BFRO promotes Malaysia toursim, BFRO

April 2006 - Johor Parks has a hotline for reports and questions, BFRO

April 2006 - Malaysia Govt Considering Making Bigfoot Mystery A Tourist Draw, BFRO

April 2006 - Bloomberg corresp. speaks with V. Chow & F. Long, BFRO

April 2006 - Johor Malaysia government grants Bigfoots protected status, BFRO

May 2006 - Bernama: Two Bigfoot books in progress, BFRO

May 2006 - "Johor to verify Bigfoot tales", BFRO

June 2006 - Freddie Long: "A lot of witnesses in Johor", BFRO

October 2006 - Group in Malaysia touts BF Cast, BFRO

November 2006 - Possible tracks found in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, BFRO

December 2006 - Malaysian Official Expresses Doubts, BFRO


April 2001 - Mystery Beast: Could hairs found in Bhutan belong to the legendary Yeti?, BFRO


January 2006 - India sightings and research, BFRO

June 2007 - Authorities in India to investigate sightings in remote mountains, BFRO

Himalayan Region

January 1950 - The Abominable Snowman, BFRO

April 2001 - 'Yeti's hair' defies DNA analysis, BFRO

April 2001 - Scientists Claim Yeti DNA Evidence, BFRO

March 2002 - We saw 'Bigfoot', claim villagers, BFRO

August 2002 - YETI The Giant Cousin of Ramapithecus, BFRO

May 2008 - In Search of an Illusive Creature, BFRO


March 1988 - Soviet Encounters 'Yeti', BFRO

May 1989 - Results of Chimpanzee Pheromone Use in Snowman (Wildman) Field Investigations, BFRO

April 2015 - Russian "Apewoman" could have been a Yeti, according to DNA tests, BFRO

April 2015 - Russian apewoman could have been a yeti, BFRO

April 2015 - Was 19th Century Apewoman a Yeti? 6ft 6in Russian serf who could outrun a horse was 'not human', according to DNA tests, BFRO

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