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Park County

April 1972 (Class A) - Hikers observe animal crouched next to a pond in the Lost Creek Wilderness Area, BFRO

August 1998 (Class B) - faint groaning and growling vocalizations heard, BFRO

August 2000 (Class B) - Couple hears strange cry, finds big footprints in Pike National Forest near Fairplay, BFRO also on GCBRO

September 2000 (Class B) - While standing on the deck of vacation home man hears eerie human-like calls, BFRO

Fall 2000 (Class B) - UK Gypsies vacate Colorado campsite after encounter with 7' creature, BFRO

May 2001 (Class B) - Family startled by overpowering cries near their rural home, BFRO

August 2002 (Class B) - Family finds and hears compelling evidence near Leadville, BFRO

December 2002 (Class A) - Further apparent corroboration of multiple-witness, winter, nighttime, road-crossing near Kenosha Pass, BFRO

July 2011 (Class B) - Ranch employees hear loud screams near Lake George, 30mi NW of Colorado Springs, BFRO

May 2012 (Class A) - Early evening sighting by two women hiking in Bailey, BFRO

June 2014 (Class B) - Camper hears Sierra-type whoops and knocking near Lost Creek Wilderness, 35mi SW of Denver, BFRO

October 2014 (Class B) - Hunter experiences night-time rock-throwing and possible vocalizations while camping near Hartsel, BFRO

August 2018 (Class B) - Mother and daughter have a scary daytime encounter while hiking on North Twin Cone, BFRO

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