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Riverside County

1960/1962 - Eyes at Window at Night Terrify a Child, GCBRO

May 1979 (Class A) - Sighting off Indian Road behind isolated (at the time) Desert Hot Springs Condo complex, BFRO

December 1983Two brothers see 7-8 ft. tall Bigfoot, GCBRO

1984/1985 - Multiple Encounters Report, GCBRO

Spring 1985 (Class C) - Reference to a local newspaper article about tracks found near Bautista Road, BFRO

June 1990 (Class B) - Backpackers report screams and camp stalking near Dutchman's Flats outside Idyllwild, BFRO

November 2000 (Class B) - Young couple encounter something large on Lake Hemet, BFRO

June 2004 (Class B) - Backpackers hear whoops and tree push over SE of Round Valley in the Mt. San Jacinto Wilderness Area, BFRO

August 2008 (Class B) - Camper hear knocks and camp stalking at Marion Mountain Campground, BFRO

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