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Saline County

March 1975? (Class B) - Two children have encounter west of Benton, BFRO

Fall mid 1970's (Class B) - Surprise observation by two hunters on the opposite bank of the river, BFRO

1977 - Bigfoot seen sitting at side of road by motorcyclist, GCBRO

1977 - Hunter stalked by a Bigfoot, GCBRO

October 1994 (Class A) - Late night encounter near Benton, BFRO

Fall 1998 (Class A) - Two boys are chased by Sasquatch, BFRO

January 2000 - Eerie screams heard outside house, GCBRO

January 2000 - Child watches Bigfoot from Bedroom Window, GCBRO

March 2004 (Class A) - Early morning motorist driving to work sees bipedal animal running through field, BFRO

Summer 2004 - Field Researcher Notes and Findings, GCBRO

November 2010 (Class A) - Deer hunter has a late afternoon sighting through his rifle scope in the Winona Wildlife Management Area, BFRO

April 2014 (Class B) - Veterinarian reports possible activity and finds an interesting track line while camping near Paron, BFRO

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