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St. Clair County

October 1986 (Class A) - Adult recalls childhood sighting at dusk near Moody, BFRO

December 1988Friends shooting off fireworks disturb white Bigfoot, GCBRO

January 2001 - Trail Riders See Bigfoot, GCBRO

February 2005 (Class B) - Hikers find footprints near Pell City, BFRO

July 2007 (Class A) - Roadside Sighting near Moody, BFRO

November 2007Unusual Sounds Heard, GCBRO

December 2007 - Weird Things Happen Around Residence.  GCBRO Field Follow Up, GCBRO

June 2009Bigfoot Researchers Encounter Bigfoot, GCBRO 

December 2012Camper has Unnerving Encounter, GCBRO

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