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Tehama County

November 1968 or 69 (Class A) - Girl has daytime sighting near Payne's Creek, BFRO

October 72-73 (Class A) - Hunting Partners Have Early Morning Roadway Sighting, BFRO

June 1975 (Class B) - Hikers see large print in Yolla Bolly Wilderness, BFRO

1977 - Pine cone pickers hear growl/screams, OB.Com

August 1994 (Class A) - Three motorists have late night sighting near Manton, BFRO

1995 - Campers hear heavy footfalls and camp being disturbed at night, OB.Com

July 2007 (Class B) - Possible vocalizations heard by campers near Eagle Lake, BFRO

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