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Welcome to the EMBRC website

The EMBRC has been started to help learn more about this creature. We have gathered information from around the internet and put it into one place for you to be able to learn as much as you can without having to jump around the internet. We will be adding more so check back and see what is new.


Whether or not you believe is up to you. We are not here to judge.


We are here just to examine what there is out there. We currently are looking into whether or not Bigfoot migrates from one place to another. This will take some time as there is an overwhelming amount of information to filter through. We have gathered information from around the internet and are studying it so please check back to see if there is any new information to pass on. 






Every report listed on this site is linked to site it was found on so that the hard working people who got, investigated and posted the report get the credit for it. We're  just trying to get them into one place so that you will not have to go looking for them all over the internet. We are just trying to make it easier for you. We do also take reports. You can find out how in the Reports are above.

Image of a possible young Bigfoot from Wikipedia. Also known as one of the Jacobs photos.

If you know of more sites out there with reports please let us know so we can try to add them here for everyone to see, Thanks

Feel free to check out all the pages of this site. There are interesting facts and some Bigfoot history as well as reports and images. You can also check out the links page to check out some other sites that have Bigfoot information on them. If there is something you would like to see on our site just let us know and we will see what we can do to get it on. Have fun browsing and we hope you enjoy our site and who knows, you may even learn something new.

The information contained within this website is being used solely for research and educational purposes. Portions of this website are reprinted under the Fair Use Doctrine of International Copyright Law as educational material. This proviso is applicable throughout the entire website.

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