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Bigfoot Research

Bigfoot print cast
Pictograph of a native american Bigfoot family unit
Still image of Pattersen-Gimlin Bigfoot
EMBRC Research Findings

Below we have put our findings from our research into Bigfoot. Go ahead and read it and see what you might learn.

Bigfoot Research

     With all of the wild theories out there about Bigfoot it is almost impossible to tell what could be real and what could be fantasy. Theories range from demons to aliens and they run just about everywhere in between. They have been reported as being from shy and illusive to being aggressive and attacking. All of this only distracts from what the actual evidence shows. We are putting to you what we have found in the evidence we have looked at.

     We at the EMBRC have been looking into Bigfoot. We have been looking at and mapping hundreds of reports. After mapping all of these reports, we have noticed something rather interesting. We do not believe that Bigfoot migrates as we think of it, meaning we do not believe that Bigfoot covers great distances to look for, or following food. Bigfoot may migrate to some degree but we think there is a different explanation for what people think is migration.

     In looking at everything we have we think that Bigfoot lives in family groups which is a common belief among a lot of researchers. But what we have not heard and was not expecting to find is that like all great apes, including humans, when Bigfoot young reach a certain age, that they leave the family unit to start their own family's. That does not explain everything but it does explain why in some areas it goes several years without a sitting. Also urban sprawl can account for a lot of the more modern sightings but it can not explain why it is that some sightings happen so close together but so many years apart. We believe that a lot of these single sightings that happen could very easily be the now old enough young Bigfoot is on the move looking for a new place to start it's own family group. It can also explain why we never have found a body, meaning being we don't know where the family group lives and only see usually one alone,we don't know how they live. Yes there are exceptions to this and there have been reports of multiple Bigfoots in one sighting but the normal sighting is of a single creature. After having been seen it is also very possible that the creature, being as adept at hiding from humans as they seem to be, can then learn there new surroundings to be able to keep hidden once again. It is very possible that the only reason one is seen is they are new to the area and/or they have not had the chance to learn where we (humans) are likely to be. It is also possible that some of these sightings are because we (humans) are not where they expect us to be and are surprised, which would also explain why it is very uncommon to see a Bigfoot a second time in the same area.

     We didn't see this until we started on areas without a lot of sightings, meaning not in the pacific-northwest where the bulk of the sightings are located, there are too many reports there to be able to get any kind of findings other than the number of reports seem to be growing, meaning more numerous than the normal number of reports every year which can also be explained by this. Meaning there are more family groups in the pacific-northwest so there will be more young moving around to start new family groups.

     We saw this best in the areas where the reports are not as numerous. In mapping, comparing sighting dates and the locations of these sightings it became clear that it is not migration as we know it. In some of these areas there are several years between sightings that are not very far apart. This is where we could see this best. Not saying we cannot see it in the bigger sighting areas but saying it is harder to see with all of the reports in those areas.

     If anyone wants to see how we reached this, they can contact us through our website and we would be happy to explain how we reached this conclusion.

     We are aware that this will probably be laughed at and looked at as a joke but we urge people to take a look for themselves before they decide to right us off.

     We're also aware that being no one has ever heard of us it will not be taken seriously and again we urge you to look for yourselves.

     We are not saying that there could not be another explanation for this because we had thought of several ourselves but this is the only one that seems to make sense with all of the data we have.

As we learn more we will continue to add to this page so please check back to see if there is any new information.

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