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Bigfoot Timeline


This creature has been sitted all over the world and called many diferent names. We know it best as Bigfoot. The Native-Americans have legends going back centuries. Legends of Bigfoot


"The Wild Man of Crow Canyon." An anonymous "correspondent of the Antioch Ledger writing from Grayson" stated that he observed, from hiding, a Bigfoot visit his campfire. "It was in the image of a man, but it could not have been human." It was "joined by another—a female, unmistakably" and they both swung sticks from his campfire around "until the fire on the end had gone out."


The Winsted Wildman. ""While (Riley Smith) was stooped over picking berries, his bulldog (Ned), which is noted for its pluck, ran with a whine to him and stationed itself between his legs,' accounts from the Aug. 21, 1895 Winsted [Connecticut] Herald reported. 'A second afterward a large man, stark naked and covered with hair all over his body, ran out of a clump of bushes and, with fearful yells and cries, made for the woods at lightening  speed where he soon disappeared.


Prospector Albert Ostman said he had been camped near Toba Inlet in Vancouver Island, British Columbia when he was abducted by a Sasquatch and held captive by him and his family for about three days.


Fred Beck said that he and four other miners were attacked one night in July 1924, by several "apemen" throwing rocks at their cabin in an area later called Ape Canyon, Washington.


Native American Jeannie Chapman said she and her children had fled their home in Ruby Creek, British Columbia when a 7.5 feet (2.3 m) tall Sasquatch approached it in September.


William Roe, a highway worker, was hiking alone up Mica Mountain near the British Columbia/Alberta border and the little town of Tete Juan Cache. He sat down when he saw a dark shape ahead of him. As it approached, the features he described were those of a female Sasquatch. It got to within 20 feet and began eating leaves.


In 1958 large footprints were found on multiple occasions at a road-construction site along Bluff Creek in Del Norte County, California by bulldozer operator Gerald Crew.


Mrs. John Utrup said she was chased into her house near Dewey Lake in Dowagiac Michigan on the night of Tuesday, June 10, by a 9-foot tall hairy biped weighing some 500 pounds, which shook ground beneath her.


On October 20th, 1967, Roger Patterson and Robert "Bob" Gimlin shot footage that would become infamous with Bigfoot. It was shot on Bluff Creek, A tributary of the Klamath River.


Chris Murphy wrote, "Three Sasquatch—a male, female, and juvenile—were observed in November 1967 by Glen Thomas (who was taking a break from sawing trees to assist the construction of a nearby forest road) in a natural rock and boulder pile near Estacada, Oregon, searching for rodents. When rodents were found and caught, the Sasquatch would eat them ... The largest Sasquatch ... actually dug a deep pit in the rocks."


"On 24 August on the construction site of the Big Horn Dam ... in Alberta," five construction workers observed a very tall Sasquatch atop a 300-foot high bank on the opposite side of the North Saskatchewan River for 85 minutes.


The Bigfoot of Lake Worth, Texas, was seen repeatedly during 1969 ... [and] locals watched the famous beast cavort up and down a bluff. At one time some of them apparently annoyed it and it picked up a spare [automobile] wheel and hurled it some 500 feet towards the onlookers.


The Legend of Boggy Creek, a low-budget docudrama re-enacting several bigfoot encounters in swampy areas of Arkansas, was released, to great success.


The Vancouver Sun reported, "on the Lummi Indian Reserve ... Bigfeet were seen more than a hundred times and the witnesses included the reserve policemen." Sightings occurred from October 2 until "a few days after" October 24.


The Freeman video was shot by the controversial Paul Freeman in southeastern Washington. Nothing obviously phony has been detected in it so far.


The "Redwoods footage" was videotaped in August near Crescent City in far-northern California, in the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. The observers were the crew of Adventures television shooting an episode featuring a drive up the California coast highway ... in Del Norte County, CA. A cameraman shot a 30-second video of a Bigfoot walking along a minor road, then crossing it right in front of their RV.


"The Memorial Day video is a Hi-8mm video that is purported to show a rapidly moving Bigfoot, going from left to right. It was videotaped on May 26, 1996, by Lori Pate while on a fishing trip with family and friends at Chopaka Lake, in Okanogan County, north central Washington. ... It shows a figure, matching the description of a Bigfoot, running across a hill.


The Marble Mountain footage shows a Sasquatch walking down a ridgeline about 750 yards away. It was shot in July 2000 near Ft. Jones, California by the leader of a group of 15 hikers, mostly youths.


In the summer of 2000, a psychologist named Matthew Johnson reported an encounter with a Bigfoot while hiking with his family on a trail ... at the Oregon Caves National Monument.


Three Silver Star Mountain photos were taken by Randee Chase, an avid backpacker, from its peak in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southwest Washington on November 17.


On September 16, 2007, hunter Rick Jacobs captured an image of a Sasquatch by using an automatically triggered camera attached to a tree, prompting a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Game Commission to say that it was an image of "a bear with a severe case of mange."

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