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Newest Reports

We have the newest reports on this page. For older reports make sure to visit the All Reports page and click on the links to see them.

September 1971; Missouri, Pike County (Class A) - Creature seen while walking home, SIS

August 1986; Washington, Okanogan County (Class B) - Sounds heard while camping, SIS

January 1990; Montana, Lincoln County (Class A) - Creature seen while walking dog, SIS

July 1991; California, Inyo County (Class A) - Camper's encounter with a Bigfoot outside tent in North Lake Campground near Bishop, BFRO

1995, 2003; Ohio, Jefferson County (Class A) - Two incidents, years apart, one auditory, one visual, near Smithfield, BFRO

May 2003; Illinois, McHenry County (Class A) - Creature seen while walking, SIS

October 2003; Washington, Pend Oreille County (Class A) - Creature seen while Kayaking, SIS

November 2011; Georgia, Atkinson County (Class A) - Woman sees a bigfoot off HWY 82 west of Withlacoochee, BFRO

November 2012; Ohio, Harrison County (Class A) - Family reports several encounters over several months on the outskirts of Scio, BRFO

April 2016; Missouri, Wayne County (Class A) - Nurse Sees Sasquatch Run Across Hwy on All Fours, BFRO

August 2016; Washington, Pierce County (Class B) - Possible sasquatch vocalizations at Oliver Lake in Mt. Ranier National Park, BFRO

November 2016; Washington, Skamania County (Class B) - Elk hunters have knock answered, hear roar vocalization, have tent slapped, north of Mt. St. Helens, BFRO

2017; Florida, Madison County (Class B) - Multiple vocalizations and strange activity observed on rural north Florida property, BFRO

May 2018; Michigan, Delta County (Class B) - Possible vocalization outside Rock MI near western edge of Hiawatha National Forest, BFRO

May 2020; Colorado, Chaffee County (Class B) - Hikers find large footprint and unidentified droppings, BFRO

August 2020; Washington, Skamania County (Class B) - Campers describe loud branch snap, howls, and possible track, northeast of Cougar, BFRO

August 2020; Washington, Jefferson County (Class B) - Rock thrown at vehicle plus Class B sighting 5 miles north of Quilcene, BFRO

September 2020; Washington, Kittitas County (Class B) - Property owners hear vocalizations similar to Orangutan, near Easton, BFRO

October 2020; Washington, Kittitas County (Class B) - Possible sighting and track in the GMU 328 Naneum Unit near Ellensburg, BFRO

October 2020; Washington, Stevens County (Class B) - Retired wildlife biologist reports gravel thrown at truck, a vocalization and wood knocks on Radar Dome, near Colville, BFRO

December 2020; Washington, Skamania County (Class B) - Possible wood knocks heard near Marble mountain Sno-Park, BFRO

December 2020; Washington, Spokane County (Class B) - Possible sighting of a gray Bigfoot in Riverside State Park at 5 am, near Spokane, BFRO

January 2021; Michigan, Menominee County (Class B) - Coyote hunters watch upright figure at night in woodline with glowing yellowish eyes outside Faithorn, BFRO

January 2021; Florida, Okaloosa County (Class B) - Possible sighting with video last THURSDAY on Eglin AFB just south Crestview, BFRO

January 2021; California, Humboldt County (Class B) - Possible night sighting by motorist on Hwy 101 six miles south of Garberville, BFRO

January 2021; Virginia, Rockbridge County (Class B) - Possible howls in Appalachian Mts 3 miles west of Collierstown (15 SW of Lexington), BFRO

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