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October 1977; Washington, Jefferson County (Class A) - Late night sighting on Highway 101 in between Forks and Kalaloch, BFRO

June 1990; Arkansas, Little River County (Class A) - Night fisherman sees a reddish Sasquatch running near Red River, BFRO

1992; California, Plumas County (Class A) - Night time sighting by motorist in Feather River Canyon near Hwy 70 & 89 intersection, BRFO

June 2007-2008; California, Stanislaus County (Class A) - Road crossing sighting just after sundown on Hwy 108 between Strawberry and Beardsley Lake, BFRO

October 2011; Florida, Suwannee County (Class A) - Man encounters a bigfoot on property near Suwannee River State Park, BFRO

2020; California, Tulare County (Class B) - Possible tracks found close to Giant Forest Museum in Sequoia National Park, BFRO

April 2020; Pennsylvania, Beaver County (Class B) - "Ohio howls" heard not far from where recording was obtained in 1994, BFRO

April 2020; Washington, Lewis County (Class B) - Sasquatch snow tracks found at first seasonal entry onto Weyerhaeuser land near Vanson Lake, BFRO

May 2020; Washington, Lewis County (Class B) - Tracks Reported 5/24/2020 Lewis County Washington, BFRO

May 2020; Missouri, Boone County (Class B) - Possible daylight sighting near Missouri River and Katy Trail outside Hartsburg, BFRO

June 2000; Georgia, Berrien County (Class A) - Family observed by a Bigfoot while fishing in private wetland near Ray City, BFRO

July 2020; Ontario (Class B) - Sasquatch howls recorded in Madawaska Valley, SE of Algonquin Provincial Park, BFRO

July 2020; Illinois, Jefferson County (Class B) - Motorists' sighting of a possible sasquatch along Interstate 64 outside Mt. Vernon, BFRO

July 2020; Missouri, Cass County (Class A) - Couple sees a white sasquatch at Settle's Ford Conservation Area, BFRO

July 2020; California, Mono County (Class B) - Possible sighting at Mono Lake at Sunrise, BFRO

August 2020; Michigan, Sanilac County (Class A) - Daylight sighting along Lake Huron north of Lexington, BFRO

August 2020; Idaho, Shoshone County (Class B) - Camper hears Wood Knocks, Whoops and has a possible sighting on the St. Joe River, BFRO

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