The picture above is a possible Bigfoot siting on Silver Star Mountain in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southwestern Washington. Bigfoot has been sitied all over the world even though it is known by other names in other countries. In the Untited States bigfoot has been seen in 49 of the 50 states. Hawaii is the only state where Bigfoot has not been seen. The overwhelming majority of the sitings are in the Pacific Northwest in the United States. If there wasn't such a stigma about Bigfoot, where people were not afraid to come forward, there would probably be more sitings reported in the rest of the country as well so we could get a better picture of where they my be living.


We at the EMBRC are not here to pass judgment. We only wish to explore the history of the creature known as Bigfoot so that it may finally be shown one way or the other as to whether it is real or not. Having said that we find it hard to discount the fact that this creature has been seen for hundreds of years all over the world but just because no one has killed one it can't be real. All we need to remember is how many new animals are being found around the world and we then can say, Well maybe we just have not found one yet.

We don't need to kill one just to prove they are real!

Every one of these photos are from reported sightings. The first one is from Russia and the other 3 are all from around the United States. The 3rd one is even supposed to have a baby Bigfoot in it. These pictures show that Bigfoot could, as suggested, live all over the world under different names.

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