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About Bigfoot

This page is here to give you information about Bigfoot. Have a look and see if you learn anything new. 

Bigfoot Traits

A list of Bigfoot traits

From North America Bigfoot Search

This is just a hint as to some of the traits Bigfoot is said to have. We added this here to give you an idea as to how Bigfoot could look. It by no means is a complete picture as the reports run a much broader range of colors and sizes. Colors have been reported anywhere from black to grey. Sizes anywhere from 3 feet, young Bigfoots, to over 10 feet tall. With all of the variations being reported it is hard to see them all being misidentification.

Bigfoot Types



Drawing of an Orang Pendek


These are pictures of 4 of the different types of Bigfoot creatures that are said to exist could look like. There are a few more than that and there are links below to them. We hope you enjoy learning about the different types as much as we have.

Almasty/Almas (Asia/Caucasus)

Barmanou (Pakistan)

Bigfoot (USA/Canada)

Fouke Monster (Arkansas)

Grassman (Ohio)

Hibagon (Japan)

A possible Yeti Scalp


Mande Barung (North East India/Bangladesh)

Momo the Monster (Missouri)

Orang Pendek (Indonesia)

Sasquatch (Coast Salish Indian Bigfoot)

Skunk/Swamp Ape (Florida)

Yeren (China)

Yeti (Nepal)

Yowie (Australia)

Click this link and you will get some great information on Bigfoot!

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