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Images from all over

Images from around the internet and the public

This page is dedicated to some of the best images from around the internet and the public. Below the images it will tell you where the images are from. If the image is from a site, feel free to go to the site and see what you can find. If you have any images use the Contact Us button below and attach it and we will get it for the site.

If you have any sound clips you wish to share send them to us and we will post them here for all to hear. Use the Contact Us button below and attach your clip and we will get it to put on the site.

The vast majority of the images out there seem to be footprint images. If you have or know of anyone who has images of bigfoot or footprints and are willing to share them you can send them to us and we will post the usable ones on this site with the name of the person who sent it unless they want to remain unknown. The best ones will also be featured on the  State sightings list page for each image.

Bigfoot Images
A Bigfoot siting on Silver Star Mountain in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in southwestern Washington.


Possible white Bigfoot

A possible young Bigfoot


Possible Bigfoot


Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot


Possible Russian Bigfoot

Possible Lincolnshire UK Bigfoot

Image of a possible baby Bigfoot in New York

Possible Antrim Northern Ireland Bigfoot
Pictures to think about

These are pictures of a sculpture that has been erected of Bigfoot. It was found in a most unlikely spot. We never would have believed that the place it was found would have erected one or aloud to be erected but yet it is there. It just goes to show you never know what you will find even if it is not where you think it will be.

UPDATE: This statue has since been removed from where we found it. We don't know why so if someone does know can you please let us know as this was a really cool thing to see.

Bigfoot footprint images
Footprint cast in 1960 known as the Byrne cast
Dr Jeff Meldrum
Footprint cast at Elkins Creek
Comparison of possible Bigfoot print to a human print.

Click on the link above to submit a report. We accept reports both new and old and from all over. Every report helps so keep us posted as to your reports.

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